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Behind the Gates:

8 Steps to Perfection

After you’ve had your quote and bought your gate from Frameworks, you’re oblivious to the steps that lead up to your gate being fitted. Frameworks is going to reveal what happens during this process.


Measure Up

It’s important that Frameworks measure up where your gates and railings will be fitted to minimise the time taken to finish the job and reduce the need for alterations when fitting. Frameworks also take into account lugs and brackets when measuring up to ensure the job is fitted stronger, neater and quicker. This reduces the need for on-site welding which reduces the risk of rusting.

Designing Your Gate

Each design is carefully hand drawn to ensure the job looks good whilst also being consistent with your requirements. The drawings include every minute detail, which leads to the accurate production of your gate.



Buying Materials and Manufacturing

Before your gate can be made, the materials need to be purchased. Then gates are fabricated to a high standard in line with your personal requirements. All joints are fully welded and gaps between the horizontal bars are kept consistent and within regulation. Gaps between your gate and its surroundings are kept to a minimum for a more aesthetically pleasing fit. Minimising gaps also prevents pets and objects escaping. Hinges are tailor made for each gate, which increases strength and functionality, especially on sloping grounds.



Your gate will be sent off for galvanising. This is a process whereby the gate is dipped in a hot zinc bath, which provides a silver coating. This coating cannot be chipped or scratched and is guaranteed by the galvanisers for around 20 years under normal atmospheric conditions. The gate is then returned to Frameworks to be cleaned and made smooth.



Powder Coating

Gates are then sent off again for powder coating. This involves the gate being sprayed with a dry powder and baked in an oven until the powder melts, creating a smooth, thick, durable coating in a colour of your choice. Here at Frameworks, all colours can be accommodated for.


This step is for customers who would like extra features on their gate to be painted in an accent colour such as silver or gold. This would be hand painted at the workshop with an added layer of lacquer to give extra longevity.


Image coming soon


Preparation for Fitting

Before fitting, preparations need to be made so that the process can be as smooth and as quick as possible. Provisions will be made so railings can be fitted quickly and without disruption to coatings on site. Your gate will be fitted with drop bolts if required, which are long and sturdy with a ball end for safety. Therefore ensuring no sharp edges. Locks are then fitted where specified for your security. If your job requires multiple locks, specially made keyed alike locks will be used to eliminate the need for multiple keys.



Finally, your gate is ready and Frameworks will try to book an installation date that’s convenient for you. With all these preparation steps, we aspire to create a gate you’ll be happy with that will be installed perfectly in minimal time.


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