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An Electric gate is the ultimate choice for every driveway. It guarantees continuous protection against unauthorised intrusion. Our new electric gates offer total control ability from anywhere in the world, which means you no longer need to be near your gate in order to open it and allow access.


At Frameworks we offer maximum reliability by ensuring optimum installation and fantastic backup if needed, making it our ambition to maintain good relations with all of our customers long after their installation.


There are two main types of electric gates; Swingers and Sliders. Sliders are the most premium of the two. They are stronger when in closed position and are more discreet whilst running. Swingers are a more economical option. These are usually fitted when there is not enough space to accommodate a sliding gate. There are more advantages of both swingers and sliders which we will advise you on when discussing your project in more detail.. All gates are made exactly to the customers requirements and are fully hot dipped, galvanised and powder coated (in a wide range of colours) for maximum protection against corrosion.

Electric Gates Gallery

Even the cheapest gates still cost a tidy sum..

So when choosing your gate, you need to choose the right company, and the company needs to make sure your gate is a long lasting product, which not only looks good but also functions well.

At Frameworks we take care of all the little things so you'll have nothing to worry about, we always put our customers satisfaction first and not our profits. All our gates are made with incredible attention to detail. Our customers get the full benefit of our expertise which is second to none, but even more important we are very much aware of quality and value for money.

All our gates come hot dipped galvanised and powder coated for maximum protection against rusting.

They are profiled to match your driveway so as to minimise gaps underneath.

On electric gates, it is important to use wrap around hinges in order to minimise the stress on the motor. 

All gates are fitted with house numbers when appropriate unless we are told not to. 

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